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To communicate with Creditors and Collection Agencies on My Behalf

I————————————, have engaged County Credit Corp. (“The Company”), to assist me in arranging for the settlement of my unsecured debt. I expressly grant the following permission to “The Company”, its agents, affiliates, representatives and assigns for the purpose of assisting “The Company” in carrying out its obligations pursuant to the Client Agreement between me and “The Company” (Agreement). I understand and agree that this authorization does not represent an engagement of “The Company” for legal services, nor does it expand the scope of “The Company’s” obligations under our Agreement. I understand and agree that, while “The Company” may employ attorneys to represent “The Company” in negotiating and settling the specific obligations that “The Company” has undertaken pursuant to my Agreement with “The Company”, “The Company” is not authorized to provide, nor will I request or accept, any legal advice relating to my financial situation. I understand that “The Company” is not a law firm and is not licensed to practice law or provide legal advice. I expressly agree to waive, forgo, and fully indemnify “The Company”, its agents, affiliates, representatives and assigns from and against any claim relating to the practice of law. NO LEGAL ADVICE WILL BE REQUESTED OR PROVIDED.

This authorization is being done It is solely to permit “The Company” to communicate with my creditors, to whom I understand and acknowledge that I remain primarily obligated. All communications conducted by “The Company” are done with my express permission and instruction. Please direct all communications concerning my debt and obligations to “The Company” at the address listed below.

In accordance therewith, I instruct and authorize “The Company” as follows:

1. To communicate with, negotiate and settle debts as fully, completely and to the same extent I am or would be able to do so on my own behalf, with all banks, creditors, financial institutions, licensed collection agencies, and/or any and all other related entities and individuals (Creditors) relating to my debts and the specific obligations that “The Company” has undertaken pursuant to my Agreement with “The Company”; and

2. To obtain all records, debt validations and support for the debts allegedly owed on my behalf and to obtain my credit report(s) to verify all debts and amounts owed.

I assert that all of the information that I/we have provided and will provide to “The Company” is accurate, timely and correct. “The Company” has my full authority to discuss any and all details of my financial situation with any third party or affiliate working on “The Company’s” behalf, as well as with all Creditors.

I understand that (i) any Creditor or collection activity, demands, or lawsuits are unrelated to my enrollment in “The Company’s” Program, and would occur regardless because I am already in default and cannot pay my obligations; (ii) my enrollment in “The Company’s” Program will not serve to delay, defend or reduce those lawsuits; and (iii) “The Company” program is a savings and negotiation program (as described in the Agreement), independent of and not related to any Creditor actions.

Agreed to this ______ day of _______________________, 20______:

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