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We Work with All 3 Credit Bureaus & 100’s of Collection Companies

“Customer is always RIGHT and Credit report is always WRONG”. This is philosophy under which we at County Credit work for our Clients who have been victimized by violation of Fair Credit Reporting Act of United States of America.

Imagine that. Moment you step into one of our offices, you have a friend who will fight for your rights till you get what you want. Our professional, Experienced and Certified staff has been making lives better for thousands of people like you for over 20 Years. We know how important it is to have GOOD CREDIT. Without it, all a person gets is big NO for an answer when applying for any kind of credit at any place, whether its a credit application at the Bank, an Apartment Lease, an application for Car Financing, a pre-approval application for the Mortgage of your Dream House or simply for a Department Store Credit card like that of Macy’s or Old Navy.

Most people continue to apply for new credit hoping for a miracle—that somehow, all the negative information in their credit report will just disappear. Guess what? It does not happen like this. That’s where WE come in the picture. WE have Credit Report Experts and Financial Advisors, who after meeting with you, will devise a plan for your scenario and help you get rid of all/most of the negative information in your credit file. We call it “DIALYSIS for YOUR CREDIT REPORT”.

Based on our experience, County Credit has helped numerous clients achieve a respectable score with which they would start getting approvals on their Credit Applications and be on their way to Financial Freedom(Responsible one, we hope.).

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